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Sanitary U Style Diaphragm Valve

Diaphragm Valve is widely used on wine,dairy products, beverage, foodstuff industry, pharmacy etc.
  • JOV-DHMU301-22
  • J&O
  • SS316L
  • Clamped
  • 0-10Bar
  • -20°~+120°
  • Manual

Sanitary Stainless Steel Clamp U Type Diaphragm Valve

  • The general state is closed, the elbow diaphragm is close to the inner cavity of the valve, closing the path of the pipeline.

  • Toggle the handwheel or drive the actuator to drive the valve stem upward, and the spherical diaphragm bends upward, so that the valve is in a conductive state, and the purpose of cleaning and opening can be achieved. The diaphragm separates the inner cavity of the lower valve body from the inner the cavity of the upper valve cover; so that the valve stem, valve core and other parts located at the upper part of the diaphragm are not corroded by the medium, the packing sealing structure is omitted, and no medium leakage occurs. The optimized valve body design allows the cleaning fluid to be drained completely without stagnation.

Technical Data

Valve Body Material: SS316L
Seal Material: EPDM+PTFE/ EPDM
Mex working pressure: 10Bar
Max. Working Temperature: 120 degree C
Availably size: 1"-4", DN25-DN100
Availably connection: Clamp, weld
Availably standard: 3A/DIN/SMS/RJT/ISO/IDF
Operated: Manual

Product Parameter

U Type 3 Way Diaphragm Valve Parameter

Product Pictures

3 Way Diaphragm Valve

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