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Stainless Steel Female Y Type Check Valve

CF8 or CF8M
Working Temperature:
-20℃ ~ 180℃
Working Pressure:

Industrial Stainless Steel Female Y Type Check Valve

Y-Type Check Valve is suitable for either horizontal or vertical line. Y-type check valve is used in liquid or compressed air systems to allow the media to only flow in one direction. Also, used to prevent reverse fluids in lines with high pressure and/or temperature. Y-Type Check Valve are less affected by turbulent flow and typically have lower shutoff characteristics than ball checks, and also have improved flow characteristics over ball check valves. In-line clean out is possible with the easy access cap.

Technical Data

Body Material: CF8,CF8M
Disc Material: CF8,CF8M
Hangar Pin: CF8,CF8M
Plug Gasket: PTFE
Connection: NPT,BSPT
Flow: Uni-Directional
Temp Range: -20 to 180°C
Pressure Rating: 200PSI
Suitable Media: Water – Air - Fuel - Etc

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