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Stainless Steel Wafer Type Check Valve With PTFE Soft Seat

CF8 or CF8M
Working Temperature:
-20℃ ~ 180℃
Working Pressure:

Stainless Steel Wafer Type Check Valve With PTFE Soft Seat

Wafer Check Valve is advanced designs which gives full flow and occupy very less space than other type of Non Return Valve. Wafer check valve is simple to fit between two pipe flanges. Spring loaded disc to prevent reverse flow in pipe lines. Stronger, lighter and smaller than conventional swing check valves, hence less expensive to install and maintain. Compact Design of valves flexibly accommodates various types of flange selection. The valves can be fitted in any direction in pipelines. Zero leakage for soft seated valves.

Technical Data

Body Material: CF8,CF8M
Disc Material: CF8,CF8M
Hangar Pin: CF8,CF8M
Connection: Wafer 
Flow: Uni-Directional
Temp Range: -20 to 180°C
Pressure Rating: 200PSI
Suitable Media: Water – Air - Fuel - Etc

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