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Swing Check Valve

CF8 or CF8M
Working Temperature:
-20℃ ~ 180℃
Working Pressure:

Industrial Swing Check Valve Thread End

  • A Swing Check Valve is one of the simplest ways to prevent back flow and is generally inexpensive. This check valve has a disc that swings freely on a hinge. The disc is only permitted to swing in one direction allowing fluid to flow through in that direction but will slam shut when gravity or upstream flow becomes stronger than the flow downstream. Both gravity and backflow help to close the swinging disc against the valve’s seat, creating a seal.

  • Swing check valves are extremely useful for pipes with a steady flow of media. These valves are great for applications with high, consistent flow and horizontal applications. They allow for a much larger opening than a spring check valve because the disc is able to move much further out of the way. If your application requires flow not be restricted this check valve is a great solution.

  • A swing check valve is recommended when your application requires flow not to be constricted. They can be installed horizontally or vertically, but only vertically when the fluid flows from the bottom up.

Technical Data

Body Material: CF8,CF8M
Disc Material: CF8,CF8M
Hangar Pin: CF8,CF8M
Plug Gasket: PTFE
Connection: NPT,BSPT
Flow: Uni-Directional
Temp Range: -20 to 180°C
Pressure Rating: 200PSI
Suitable Media: Water – Air - Fuel - Etc

Product Parameter

Swing Check Valve

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