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Thread Vertical Check Valve

CF8 or CF8M
Female Thread
Working Temperature:
-20℃ ~ 425℃
Working Pressure:

Industrial Female Thread Vertical Check Valve

  • Check valves, also referred to as non-return valves, are used to allow flow in one direction and prevent the flow in the opposite direction. There are many benefits to using check valves, they provide pressure relief for system safety, prevent contamination from reverse flow and prevent equipment upstream from backflow damage.

  • These spring-loaded check valves are powered by flow and differential pressure with assistance from spring pressure. Once the pressure differential between upstream and downstream decreases past the pressure of the spring, the valve will snap shut, preventing any of the downstream media from passing through.

  • Added benefits to this type of check valve are that orientation does not matter, and they eliminate any water hammering effects. This can even be mounted vertically; the spring will keep the valve shut in any position until the flow from upstream is enough to break the cracking pressure of the spring. This is an extremely useful attribute for applications that are either already plumbed in or have challenging space restrictions that require the check valve to be mounted in a particular orientation.

Technical Data

Body Material: WCB,CF8,CF8M
Disc Material: CF8,CF8M
Spring 304,316
Gasket: PTFE
Bonnet Material: WCB,CF8,CF8M
Flow: Uni-Dirctional
Temp Range: -20 to 180°C
Pressure Rating: 1000 PSI
Suitable Media: Water – Air - Fuel - Etc

Product Parameter

Thread Vertical Check Valve

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