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Application Of Sanitary Pipe Fittings

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Everyone must know the role of sanitary pipe fittings. However, the material that makes up sanitary pipe fittings is mainly stainless steel. According to the connection method of pipe fittings, they can be divided into four types: socket pipe fittings, threaded pipe fittings, SAE Flange, and welded pipe fittings. They are widely used in the pharmaceutical and food industries, and can be divided into high and low levels for sanitary levels.

One type of pipe fitting is the elbow, which is widely used, mainly used in the place where the pipe fittings turn; the tee is used where three pipes converge, and the reducer is used in the place where different pipe diameters are connected. From these aspects, it can be seen that the application field of sanitary pipe fittings is extremely wide, and at the same time improves our living efficiency.

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