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Overview Of Sanitary Quick-install Ball Valve

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Sanitary Ball Valve Overview:

1. Standards: DIN, SMS, ISO, IDF, 3A, RJT, DS, BS, BPE,

2. Widely used in chemical, petroleum, electricity, pharmaceutical, beer, food, dairy beverages, cosmetics and various engineering supporting pipelines around the world


3. Made of stainless steel 304304L316316L materials!

4. Main specifications: 3/4"-8"DN8-DN450OD9.7-OD469 Wall thickness: 1.2MM-6MMR=1.5D

5. Main features: large temperature difference resistance; normal pressure 16MPA; strong corrosion resistance; precision; thin wall thickness.

6. Connection method: welding, quick installation, thread, flange.

7. Drive mode: manual, electric, pneumatic, automatic, hydraulic.

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