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Safety Performance Test Of Sanitary Pipe Fittings

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When using sanitary stainless steel pipes, people are worried about the harm of some heavy metals to the human body. However, Sanitary Butterfly Valve contains five elements of heavy metals, lead, cadmium, nickel, chromium and arsenic. How to test these heavy metals?

Sanitary stainless steel pipe testing process: Pour boiling 4% acetic acid into the finished container sample, add a glass cover, boil on low heat for half an hour, remove, add 4% acetic acid to the original volume in the middle, leave at room temperature for 24 hours, and then use plasma emission spectrometer (ICP) for measurement.

Sanitary stainless steel pipe test results: After measurement, 4 samples had serious excess chromium, with the highest exceeding the standard by 13.5 times. The problematic products were purchased in small commodity markets, and those purchased in regular supermarkets were relatively safe. According to the national standard, "food contact" and stainless steel type should be marked on the product or the smallest sales package, but these samples were not marked.

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