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Selection Of Sanitary Pneumatic Valves

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Sanitary Valve plays a very important role in the mechanical operation process. The valve is basically installed horizontally during installation. In addition to being able to withstand a working pressure greater than the actual working pressure of the pipeline, a qualified pneumatic valve also needs to be able to withstand twice the nominal pressure of the valve when it is opened. When selecting the type of pneumatic valve, you can choose according to the various functions of the valve, such as valves that control the flow rate of fluids, valves that control the flow switch of media, and valves with a single flow direction of media.

In addition to considering the function, pneumatic valves also need to be selected based on the valve model and specifications. However, due to the fierce competition in the current market and the emergence of new products, sanitary pneumatic valves do not have a unified model and specification, so when choosing pneumatic valves, you should communicate more with the manufacturer to avoid choosing valves that do not meet your expectations.

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