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What Is The Difference Between Sanitary Valves And Ordinary Valves

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Sanitary Valve is used in occasions with high requirements for sanitary levels. In fact, there is not much difference from ordinary valves. Speaking of sanitary valves, they are the same as ordinary valves, but the occasions of use are different. Let's introduce the difference between it and ordinary industrial valves.

First of all, the materials are different, because the use environment of sanitary valves is pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical, etc., which have high requirements for sanitary levels. These products are edible or directly in contact with the human body, so some of the machinery produced must have very high sanitary conditions. Ordinary valve materials such as steel, iron, and copper cannot meet these conditions. First of all, steel and iron, these materials as valves, will corrode and rust if the humidity in liquid or air is relatively high, thereby contaminating the product. The same is true for copper valves, and copper rust is still a toxic substance, so it cannot be used as a sanitary valve.

Sanitary valves are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, and it is non-toxic and tasteless, and will not pollute the product. Sanitary valves are generally made of 304SS or 316 stainless steel. After production and processing, they are specially treated. They are incomparable to industrial valves in many aspects, such as cleanliness, simple installation, etc. These are valves specially made for the food, medicine and other industries. Industrial valves are generally formulated according to the needs of use. They are mainly designed for long service life and flexible operation in high temperature and high pressure working environments. The appearance and interior are not as smooth and beautiful as sanitary valves, but they are irreplaceable in many places.

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