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Sanitary Check Valve with Union

SS304 or SS316L
Silicone, EPDM, Viton, NBR
Working Temperature:
-10 degree to +120 degree (EPDM)
Working Pressure:
0.3 Bar (DN-25), 0.2 Bar (DN-32/40),0.1Bar(DN-50/100)

Sanitary Stainless Steel Union Type Check Valve

  • We manufacture Sanitary Tri Clover Check Valve, Hygienic Welding Check Valve, Sanitary Male Check Valve, Sanitary Union Type Check Valve, Hygienic Flanged Type Check Valve.

  • Check valve can prevent the fluid from flowing back and ensures that it flows in only one direction.

  • It can be used to prevent the less of prime of the pump and to avoid pipe-hammering.

  • It is used in the food-processing, beverage, wine-making, oil-making, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

  • The valve opens when the pressure of the fluid exceeds the pressure exerted by the pump spring.

  • When the two pressures are equalized, the valve closes. A stronger counter-pressure allows the valve to close.

Technical Data

Product Name: Sanitary Check Valve
Material: SS304 or SS316L
Standard: 3A, SMS, DIN, RJT, IDF
Size: 19mm - 200mm  or DN15-DN100
Connection Way: Weld
Seal Material: Silicone, EPDM, Viton, NBR
Surface Finishing: Ra≤0.8
Working Temperature: -10 degree to +120 degree (EPDM)
Opening Pressure: 0.3 Bar (DN-25), 0.2 Bar (DN-32/40),0.1Bar(DN-50/100)
Packing Details: within carton box or plywood case
Applied Industries: Dairy, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage Industries

Product Parameter

Sanitary Check Valve with Union

Product Pictures

Sanitary Check Valve with Union

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