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Sanitary Stainless Steel Air Release Valve With Pressure Guage

SS304 / SS316L
Working Temperature:
MAX. 120
Working Pressure:

Sanitary Stainless Steel Air Exhaust Valve

  • J&O Sanitary Air Exhaust Valve including Sanitary Clamped Air Relife Valve, Hygienic Thread Pressure Relief Safety Valve, Stainless Steel Safety Exhaust Valve With Pressure Guage.

  • The series safety valve is to adjust the spring compression nut to calibrate a particular pressure.the calibration of pressure is to fix the maximum pressure to avoid the equipment damage. In the normal working operating pressure,the valve is closed.When the system pressure exceeds the fsysterm and the equipment.The valve is with start the open device for the CIP cleaning of the safety valve and the piping.

  • The safety valve is a special valve through a rigorous calibration,but to make the valve more realistic operating conditions, so the conditions shoud be as mush as possible the scene of the valve and then parity.

Technical Data

Working Pressure: ≤10bar
Pressure Control Range: 0.5-10 bar
Medium Temperature: ≤120 celsius degree
Medium: Gas
Sealing: EPDM
Material: SS304,SS316L
Connection of Standard: DIN,3A,SMS,ISO
Ends: Male ends,Tri clamp ends,Welded ends
Surface treatment: Ra 0.8um

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