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Sanitary Stainless Steel Clamped Vacuum Breathing Valve

Vacuum Pressure Valve is used in pressure vessel piping systems.

SS304 / SS316L
Working Temperature:
MAX. 120

Sanitary Stainless Steel Vacuum Pressure Valve

  • Vacuum Pressure valve has two functions, when the pressure is higher than the set pressure (standard 1 BAR) can exhaust, whereas closed, while vacuum piping system (standard -0.1 BAR) when the valve opens automatically, to ensure the safety of the equipment and related instrumentation protection, at the same time can also meet the demand in all kinds of produ lction process, the valve in stainless steel material, health design, content with all sorts of food processing, beer, beverage and pharmaceutical and other industries.

Technical Data

Medium Temperature: ≤120 celsius degree
Medium: Gas
Body Material: SS304,SS316L
Connection of Standard: DIN,3A,SMS,ISO
Ends: Male ends,Tri clamp ends,Welded ends
Surface treatment: Ra 0.8um

Product Parameter

Sanitary Stainless Steel Clamped Vacuum Breathing Valve

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