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Sanitary Stainless Steel Clamped Rebreather

SS304 / SS316L
Working Temperature:
MAX. 120

Sanitary Stainless Steel Clamped Rebreather

  • Sanitary Rebreather, also called air filter, is installed in fermentation tank, storage tank, batching tank and distilled water tank. It can filter fermentation air, inert gas and other gases in and out of the tank to ensure the gas in the tank is aseptic. This sanitary rebreather is specially used for tank gas exchanging in pharmaceutical industry and food industry.

  • The principle of the sanitary hygienic stainless steel rebreather valve is the same as the micro-filter's. It is used to balance the pressure between the inside and outside of the tank in order to ensure the tank pressure remains in a safe pressure range. When breathing air from outside, the filter element will filter the outside particulates, blocking them from entering the storage tank as the liquid level descends, thus ensuring the air purity within the tank.

Technical Data

Medium Temperature: ≤120 celsius degree
Medium: Gas
Strainer Elemant Material: PTFE
Body Material: SS304,SS316L
Connection of Standard: DIN,3A,SMS,ISO
Ends: Male ends,Tri clamp ends,Welded ends
Surface treatment: Ra 0.8um

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