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Pressure Vessel Clamp

Stainless Steel/Aluminum

Pressure Vessel Clamp

  • Pressure Vessel Clamp is used for HV chamber ports and is available in two distinct styles; ISO-K which uses clamp fasteners and ISO-F which uses nut and bolt fasteners. 
  • The ISO-K style fittings are quick to assemble using claw clamps (please see figure - click to enlarge) and can be connected in any orientation. The claw clamp hooks into a ridged groove in the back side of the ISO-K vacuum flange. A centering ring that contains rubber, elastomeric, O-ring used to form the vacuum seal between the two flange faces. The clamps are commonly used to build process vacuum plumbing and systems for industrial vacuum applications.

Product Description

Product Name: Pressure Vessel Clamp
Size: KF63ISO-KF630ISO
Material: SS304
Machine: CNC Lathe Machine
Connection: Tri Clamp
SurfaceTreatment: Ra≤0.8
Gasket Food Grade Silicone, Viton, PTFE
Type Ferrule; elbow; tee; cross, hosebarb etc.
Optional Customized tri clamp fitting available
Packing Details: within carton box or plywood case
Applied Industries:  Chemical, gas, petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy, medical, food and pharmaceutical industry 

Product Parameter

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