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APL-210N Limit Switch Box Valve Position Indicator For Pneumatic Actuator

APL-210 Limit Switch Box , also can be called Valve Position Indicator or valve position monitor, is a kind of field instrument for detecting valve status in automatic control system.

Working Temperature:

APL-210N Limit Switch Box

APL-210N limit switches send location signal of actuator and valve to the field of remote-control station, which can be installed on the top of actuator directly. It complies with VDINDE3845 standard. It is equipped with field visible location indicator and adjusting cam. Adjusting cam is installed via spline and spring. You can adjust to the needed position when cam is separated from spline. Dismantle screws on the case and two interfaces of cable inlet G1/2". lntemal limit switch is connected to the terminal beforehand. There are 8 terminals, which can be used for magnetic valve connection.

Adjust the switch location according to arrow instruction:

1. Push cam spring, and the cam separate from spline engaging.

2. Rotate the cam casually to adjust to the needed location, after which loosen the cam. Make sure the cam has been pushed back to reset engaging by.

Technical Data

Model APL-210N
Shell protection IP67
Voltage max. AC 250V, AC or DC
Curren 0.6A 125VDC, 0.3A 250VDC,
16A 1/2HP 125, 250V AC 16(3)A 250V-T105
Electrical interfac G1/2"
Switches Mechanical switch (2 SPDT)
Proximity switch (2 SPOT)