Electric Actuator For Valves

Electric actuator is used for controlling the valves.

Working Temperature:
Electric Actuator For Valves
Electric Actuator For Valves Electric Actuator For Valves Electric Actuator For Valves Electric Actuator For Valves Electric Actuator For Valves Electric Actuator For Valves

Electric Operated Rotary Actuator

  • The shell is made of hard aluminum alloy, with anodized treatment and poly-american powder coating, with strong corrosion resistance and protection class IP67.

  • Fully enclosed squirrel cage motor, small size, large torque, low inertia, insulation class F, built-in overheating protection switch, can prevent overheating and damaging the motor.

  • The indicator is installed on the central axis, and the valve position can be observed. Convex lens design is used to better observe the switch position in any part.

  • The bottom installation size conforms to the 1S05211/DIN3337 international standard, and the holes are double quadrangular, which is convenient for linear or 45° angle installation of valves with square rods, and has strong adaptability. It can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Technical Data

Shell Ingress Protection Rating IP67
Motor power 110/220V AC single-phase, 380/440V AC 3-phase, 50/60HZ, ±10%
Control Power 110/220V AC single-phase, ±10%
Control Signal Input/output 4-20mA
Motor Squirrel cage asynchronous motor
Limit switch 2X(Open)/ (Close)SPDT, 250V AC 10A
Auxiliary limit switch 2X(Open)/ (Close)SPDT, 250V AC 10A
Stroke 90°±10°(180°/270° option )
Failsafe/operating temperature Built-in overheat protection, Open 120°±5°/close 97±5°
Indicator Continuous position indication
Manual operation Mechanical handle
Self-locking device Worm gear and worm mechanism provide self-locking
Mechanical limit 2 external adjustment bolts
Dryer 7-10W (110/220V AC) anti-condensation
Wiring hole 2PCS M18
Ambient temperature -30°~70°
Lubricating Aluminum-based lubricating shield (EP type)

Product Parameter

Model Max output torque(Nm) Operating time 90°(S) Drive shaft(mm) Power(W) Rated current(A) 220VAC/1ph Weight(kg)
Square Deep On/off type Modulating type Intelligent
JO-05 50 28 14x14 24 24 0.144 3.5 4.1 4.3
JO-10 100 28 17x17 27 23 0.28 4.7 5.3 5.5
JO-15 150 28 17x17 27 30 0.32 4.9 5.5 5.7
JO-20 200 28 22x22 26 63 0.489 8.5 9.2 9.5
JO-40 400 28 22x22 26 80 0.6 8.8 9.5 9.8
JO-60 600 28 22x22 26 95 0.746 9.1 9.8 10.1
JO-100 1000 28 27x27 40 120 0.8 11.6 12.3 12.6
JO-200 2000 45 27x27 40 130 0.94 11.9 12.6 12.9
JO-260 2600 60 27x27 40 151 1.3 12.1 12.8 13.1

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