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Calculation Method Of Metal Material Weight Of Sanitary Pipe Fittings

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Sanitary Valve Different metal materials have different weights at the same length (metal materials include stainless steel, rebar, flat steel, pipes, angle steel, etc.). So how to calculate the weight of sanitary pipe fittings metal materials? First, determine the weight of the material in kilograms and the length in meters. Next, let's start calculating the weight of metal materials:


1. Stainless steel: (outer diameter-wall thickness)*wall thickness*0.02491

2. Rebar: 0.00617*diameter 2

3. Flat steel: edge thickness*edge width*0.00785

4. Pipe: (outer diameter-wall thickness)*wall thickness*0.02466

5. Angle steel: (edge ​​width+edge width-edge thickness)*edge thickness*0.00785

The above formulas are all calculation methods for a length of one meter. If it exceeds or is less than one meter, just multiply it by the length. The decimal in the formula is the material coefficient.

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