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Sanitary Pipe Fittings Parameters

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Sanitary Valve has a wide range of uses, and the common fields involved are pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. Since the material of sanitary pipe fittings is mostly stainless steel, it is quite corrosion-resistant. The special material also leads to its relatively high price. Most of the purchasing manufacturers are pharmaceutical or food factories.

The purchase of sanitary pipe fittings is determined by its parameters. The parameters of sanitary pipe fittings are as follows:

1. Control caliber: DIN standard (DN10-DN150), 3A/IDF standard (1/2"-12"), ISO standard (Ф12.7-Ф319.3);

2. International industrial standards: DIN, ISO, SMS, 3A, IDF, etc.;

3. Product materials: stainless steel 304, 304, 316, 316L;

4. Quality and use: The quick-release connector is processed with high-end polishing equipment inside and outside to meet the surface precision requirements; it is suitable for industrial fields such as dairy, food, beer, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

5. Applicable media: water, oil, gas and some corrosive liquids

6. Product features: beautiful appearance, smooth surface, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, strong texture performance

7. Product quality: in line with export and national implementation product high-pressure pipe fittings product standards

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