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What Is A Sanitary Joint

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Sanitary Pipe Union is a component used to connect the pipeline system. It is usually measured in sets. A complete set of flexible joints should include nuts, flat joints, cloud heads, and gaskets. Manufacturers should not tighten the nuts too much during the assembly and storage of flexible joints, otherwise they will be screwed and can never be unscrewed.

When assembling sanitary flexible joints, the first step is to place the flat joint in the nut, then install a special gasket in the groove of the cloud head, and finally screw the cloud head into the nut. In this way, a complete set of flexible joints is assembled. After assembly, it is necessary to use welding to connect to the pipes of the pipeline system. When welding, the operator needs to have excellent skills to avoid holes or welds during welding, which will cause inconvenience to subsequent work.

After reading the assembly and connection steps of sanitary union fittings, let's get to know the classification of unions. In the domestic market, we usually distinguish unions by thread type. For example, SMS union fittings represent round threads, and T-type union fittings represent T-type threads. In the international market, the classification is more extensive, and is usually distinguished by production standards. For example, DIN11851 unions are union fittings manufactured according to German standards.

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