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Why Are Stainless Steel Sanitary Pipe Fittings Suitable For Wine, Dairy And Other Industries

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Sanitary Valve As a corrosion-resistant, high-hygienic-grade product with a smooth surface, it has a wide range of applications. Such as the wine industry, dairy industry, pharmaceutical industry, water treatment industry, beverage industry and various fine chemical fields. Seeing this, you must be very curious, why are stainless steel sanitary pipe fittings suitable for the above-mentioned industries, but ordinary pipe fittings are not? Let's take a look.

Through the above industry names, we know that the products they produce will be directly or indirectly ingested by our human body, affecting our health, so the wine, dairy and other industries must have very strict requirements for sanitary grades.

General stainless steel pipe fittings cannot meet the needs of the above industries, and may breed bacteria and contaminate products during the production process. Stainless steel sanitary pipe fittings are polished by high-end polishing equipment, with high surface precision, no bacterial growth, medium residue, etc., can meet the requirements of the above industries for sanitary grades, and ensure the sanitation and safety of equipment and production products. This is also the reason why the wine, dairy and other industries choose stainless steel sanitary pipe fittings.

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